EE - Plunge Milling

Diameter:3mm~12mm Coating:nACRo
  • Features

    1. Drill-type Groove And Unequal Helix Angle
    Drill-type groove and unequal helix angle design have excellent chip removal and anti-vibration effects for high-speed and high-efficiency machining.
    2. Eccentric Relief Angle
    The eccentric relief angle improves the strength of the cutting edge, the surface optimization of the cutting edge can stabilize high-efficiency feed and life.
    3. Geometric Design
    Large space for chip removal in the center of the end face and end teeth. Good geometric design can be used for drilling and milling.
    4. Unequal Flute Spacing Design
    Unequal flute spacing design can reduce vibration and prolong life.
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  • nACRo Coating