• P – Carbon Steel 45HRC ↓

    Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Tool Steel, Mold Steel, S45C, 1045, CK45, 1.0503; SCM440, 4140, 42CrMo4; SS400, S20C, SAE 1021, SCM, SKD, HPM, NAK80, TDAC
  • H – High Hardness 60~70HRC

    Hardened Steels, Prehardened Steels : SKD61, SKD11, STAVAX, SKT, HPM1, S45C, 1045, 1.0503, C45; 4140, SCM440, 42CrMo4, 42CrMo; SS400, S20C, A36, SAE1021
  • M – Stainless Steel

    The applications are most on medical, oil and gas pipe fittings processing industries, etc. AISI 316, SUS316, 0Cr17Ni-12Mo2, SUS304, X5CrNi18-10, JIS SUS304L, 00Cr19-Ni10, 416, 420F, 430F, 440F
  • K – Cast Iron

    Gray Cast Iron (GCI), Nodular Cast Iron, Ductile iron (NCI), and Vermicular Cast Iron(CGI).
    Mainly used in auto parts, machine manufacturing and ironmaking industry.
  • N – Non-ferrous

    A1070, A4032, A6061, A5052, A7075, AC, ADC, AlZnCu1.5
  • S – Titanium Alloy

    Ti6Al4V, Ti6Al2Sn4Zr2Mo, Ti4Al4Mo2Sn0.5Si, Ti10Al2Fe3Al, Ti5Al5V5Mo3Cr, Ti7Al4Mo, Ti3Al8V6Cr4Zr4Mo, Ti6Al6V6Sn, Ti15V3Cr3Sn3Al, Ti15V3.
  • Reamer

    Carbide Reamer, Carbide Edge Reamer
  • Position Drill

    Carbide Reamer, Carbide Edge Reamer