• Square End Mill

    Square end mill is also known as a "flat end mill".  The flutes are with sharp corners that are squared off at a 90° angle. They are the most popular and general milling cutters.
  • Ball Nose End Mill

    Tlhe end flutes of Ball Nose End Mill is with no flat bottom. It's is ground with a full radius equal to half of the tool diameter. For example, you may say 5R to a 10mm ball nose end mills.
  • Corner Radius Milling Tool

    Image there is a radius form at a sharp corner of square end mill, that's a corner radius milling tool.
  • Taper End Mill

    Taper end mills, pencil end mills, and conical end mills, these names are used to describe the shape of its flute. They can produce grooves, holes, or side-milling with a slope angle.
  • End Mills for Aluminum Milling

    Aluminum alloy is one of the exotic materials which is not easy to processing, because the chips can stick to the flutes and and pack. Click to see our Aluminum Application Experts.
  • Chamfer End Mills & Milling Cutters

    Speed Tiger provides 45°, 60°, 90°, 120°chamfer angles; top chamfers and bottom chamfers.