• Carbide End Mill for P – Steel (Without Heat Treatment)

    Speed Tiger Carbide End Mills with standard AlTiBN coated for General Use on materials up to 45HRC, apply on Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Tool Steel, Mold Steel.
  • Carbide End Mill for P – Steel (Heat Treatment)

    For materials with hardness between HRC50-60, this section is your priority. Speed Tiger end mills can apply on Hardened Steels, Prehardened Steels up to HRC50-60. Speed Tiger provides high-efficiency series and economical series, choose according to your needs and budget.
  • Carbide End Mill for H – High Hardness 60~70HRC

    This series of end mills perform well on High-Hardened Steel, and Prehardened Steel which hardness up to ~70HRC. These materials are characterized by high hardness and wear resistance, but with Speed Tiger end mills not only the longevity is good, but the surface is also smooth.
  • Carbide End Mill for M – Stainless Steel

    Stainless steel is widely used in medical, and gas pipe fittings processing industries due to its good corrosion resistance and versatile use possibilities. Speed Tiger end mills can solve when machining stainless steel about Difficult heat dissipation during cutting, Work hardening, and Chip sticking.
  • Carbide End Mill for K – Cast Iron

    Speed Tiger end mills can apply on Gray Cast Iron (GCI), Nodular Cast Iron, Ductile iron (NCI), and Vermicular Cast Iron(CGI). Mainly used in auto parts, machine manufacturing, and ironmaking industry.
  • Carbide End Mill for N – Non-ferrous

    Aluminum exhibits high thermal conductivity and therefore the chips produced when machining aluminum transfer high levels of generated heat, and easy to result in the formation of built-up edges. Looking for a tool with efficient material removal rates for machining aluminum? Speed Tiger's special aluminum end mill is designed for aluminum and other non-ferrous materials. 
  • Carbide End Mill for S – Titanium Alloy

    With excellent comprehensive mechanical properties, low density, and good corrosion resistance, titanium alloy is known as the metal material that enables mankind to enter the space age. But the chips are easy to stick to the cutting edge dring machining, which reduces the tool life. Speed Tiger special end mill can solve the problem of difficult machining of titanium alloy.
  • Carbide End Mill for S – Nickel / Inconel

    Group S materials that are difficult to process are mainly used in the aerospace, gas turbine, and generator industries. Speed Tiger end mills can apply on Inconel 601, 617, 625, Incoly 800, Monel 400, Inconel 718, 718plus, Incoly 925, Waspalloy, Hastelloy, Rene.
  • Other Functional Carbide End Mil

    Need a good tool for Trochoidal cutting, High speed milling, Heavy processing, Double Removal Rate, or Chamfering? Speed Tiger provides high-quality functional end mills for various processing requests.