• Knowledge

    The Beginners Guide of CNC End Mill

    First, we need to know, what is CNC End Mill is for?
    Simply put, CNC End Mill is one kind of milling cutter used by CNC Milling machines. There are various diameters, flutes, lengths, and shapes to choose from, and users choose them according to the material of the workpiece and the surface finish required for the workpiece.

  • What do coating do?

    To put it simply, the coating is like the clothes of an end mill.
    In different occasions, it needs to be worn the right clothes. For example, people need to wear a space suit when you are in outer space, and a swimsuit when you swim. Therefore, depending on your processing conditions, it will affect what coating you need to choose.

  • Knowledge

    3 Steps to Find Your Right Drills Bit Easily!

    The basic 3 elements of drilling:
    ​1. The size of the hole
    2. Depth of the hole
    3. The accuracy of the hole

  • Application

    When Should I Use Flat Drills (Flat Bottom Tools) ?

    To realize the longer tool life and the stable cutting with minimum wear, Speed Tiger Flat Bottom Drills are designed for drilling angled or wavy surfaces, cross holes or eccentric hole, and thin or stacked plates, or for simply creating a flat bottom hole. The following graphic expression will help you understand at a glance.