P-ULPBT Taper Long Neck Ball Nose End Mill - 2 Flutes

Product Number:P-ULPBT
█Features: ①Unequal Flute Spacing , Irregular Helix Flutes, Ensures stable machining of difficult-to-cut materials, and achieve high efficient performance. ②Excellent vibration absorption provides stability. ③Less chatter and high efficiency finishing and Reduce metal burr when machining. █Application: ~HRC60/ Iron, Carbon steel, Cast Iron, Alloy Steel, Tool Steel, Heat treatment Steel, Welding Steel
  • 400 PLUS Nano End Mills Series General Application

    Application:  ~HRC60/ Iron, Carbon steel, Cast Iron, Alloy Steel, Tool Steel, Heat treatment Steel, Welding Steel

    Main Character: Ultra Fine Micro Grain Carbide that has high toughness, coating ALTIBN and wear-resisting, non-general titanium, aluminum is specialized in milling on M/C high hardness at a high speed and can carry on rough machining get to detailed process directly for heat treatment mould to reduce change times, improve machine flexible rate and shorten producing time.


    400 内容_工作區域 1400 内容_工作區域 1 複本

    Series Grain Size Hardness (HRC) Coating Application
    200 Nano 0.2μm ~65 TiSiN Super Hard Hardness
    400 Nano 0.4μm ~60 nBS High Hardness
    600 Nano 0.6μm ~50 AlTiN General
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