DH+ - Slotting Milling Reinforcement (Hard material)

Product Number:DH+, DHS+
Diameter:3mm~20mm Coating:nACRo, ZrN-A
  • Features

    • The long edge passes through the center edge, the end tooth has a large chip removal space and the geometric design is aimed at slot machining and ramp milling.
    • The helix angle ranging from 35/38° is an excellent anti-vibration effect, suitable for high-speed and high-efficiency machining of steel and cast iron.
    • Unequal flute spacing design can reduce vibration and prolong life.
    • The eccentric relief angle can increase the strength of the blade, stabilize and high-efficiency feed, and life.
    Coating Options
      新品内容_DH+ coating
    Speed Tiger is not only the largest cutting tools manufacturer, but also the first one that combined milling cutter coating technology in Taiwan. We provide a variety of coating types for different application, you could easily choose the most suitable coating for your work. For detailed coating information, please refer to next tab. 

    Package & Shipping

    Delivery :
    Generally, it is 5-7 days if the goods are in stock. 
    It is 15-20 days if the goods are not in stock, it is according to quantity.

  • nACRo Coating

    ZrN-A Coating

    coating 0428_ZrN-A
  • Shape Flute Type Mode Diameter Photo Spec. & Cutting Condition
    Square 4 dX1.5 DHS+ 3.0mm~20.0mm

    Square 4 dX2.5 DH+ 4.0mm~20.0mm
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