Fine Pitch & Roughing End Mill - 4 Flutes - P-NTA

Product Number:P-NTA
600 PLUS Nano End Mills Series, Diameter:4mm~20mm,Coating:Uncoated / ALTIBN / TiSiN / ZrN-A(Zirconia + AlTiBN)
  • 600 PLUS Nano End Mills Series General Application

    Application:  ~50HRC/Iron, Carbon steel, Cast Iron, Alloy Steel, Tool Steel, Heat treatment Steel, Welding Steel.

    Main Feature: 
    Micro Grain Carbide that has high toughness, coating AlTiN and wear-resisting, non-general titanium aluminum is specialized in milling on M/C high hardness at a high
    speed and can carry on rough machining get to detailed process directly for heat treatment mould to reduce change times, improve machine flexible rate and shorten producing time.

    feature_工作區域 1 複本
    1. Maximized rigidity, and chip removals are greatly improved due to special geometric design and reinforced design in cutting edges against chipping at corners.
    2. Excellent performance of anti-vibration and noise.
    3. High hardness-used coating, effectively improves tool life and finishes. 
    600 plus_600細節Series Comparison
    Series Grain Size Hardness
    Coating Application
    200Nano 0.2μm ~65 TiSiN Super Hard Hardness
    400Nano 0.4μm ~60 nBS High Hardness
    600Nano 0.6μm ~50 AlTiN General
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