Inconel Alloy Series

Product Number:PVE1T, PLVE1T, PVR1T
█Features: ①UNEQUAL FLUTE SPACING AND HELIX DESIGN - Anti-Vibration, Improves Chip Disposal, Prevents Burr, Excellent Surface. ②HIGH PERFORMANCE FOR HARD MATERIALS - Micro Grain Carbide that is very tough, resists wear, and is good for cutting. ③ZrN-A COATING - Zirconium nitride (ZrN) +Titanium aluminum boron nitride (AlTiBN) coating lubricates the end mill for stability at high temperature and superior wear resistance at high cutting speeds, offering better heat resistance than TiAlN, TiN or TiCN coatings. ④HIGH QUALITY - Flutes ground by a world-class ISO-9001 Factory; Great performance at a competitive price. █Application: Nickel alloy / Inconel Alloy.
  • Features
    Nickel_工作區域 1 複本Nickel_工作區域 1

    Coating Options

    規格_titanum nickel
  • ZrN-A Coating

    coating 0428_ZrN-A
  • 規格_titanum nickel  

    Mode Flutes Diameter Photo Dimension Cutting Condition
    Square Type / Long Flute PVE1T,PLVE1T 4 4mm~20mm PVE1T PLVE1T Download Download
    Square Type-Efficient Length PNVE1T 4 4mm~16mm
    Square Type-Finishing PVE1TF 4 4mm~20mm
    Corner Radius PVR1T 4 4mm~20mm PVR1T Download
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