PK High Performance Carbide Drill 5xD

Product Number:5PK
5xD High Performance Carbide Drill - Without Coolant Hole
  • ►5PK - without coolant hole
    ♦Size Range: Ø3-14mm
    ♦Point Angle: 135º


    1. Double margin
        Achieves smooth surface of drilling.
        Allow high precision straight cutting.
    2. Special geometry design makes the room of chip removals greatly improved and with high rigidity.
    3. Reinforced design in cutting edge improves tool life effectively.
    4. Improved the margin top position, to advance the drilling precision.



    ITEM Carbon steel,
    Alloy steel
    Pre-harden steel
    Stainless steel Cast iron Cooper alloy Aluminum alloy Titanium alloy Nickel/
    Inconel alloy
     Excellent      Good
    PVD Coating (nACRo)

    nACRo Nanocomposite coating process.
    1. Contain Si membrane, oxidation start temperature: 1,100℃.
    2. Nano grade coating, better surface finish.
    3. Extremely high nano hardness, extremely high adhesion.
    4. Better protection for tools, reduction of production cost, economical environmentally manufacturing

    Package & Shipping

    Delivery :
    Generally, it is 5-7 days if the goods are in stock. 
    It is 15-20 days if the goods are not in stock, it is according to quantity.


  • ►5PK without coolant hole - 5PKC 8PKC with coolant hole
    Application Mode Photo Coolant Hole Helix Angle Point Angle Coating Diameter Spec. Cutting Condition
    General Steel & Cast iron 5PK 5PK-1 X 30° 135° nACRo 3.0mm~14.0mm Download Download
    General Steel & Cast iron 5PKC 5PKC-1 O 28~30° 140° nACRo 3.0mm~14.0mm Download
    General Steel & Cast iron 8PKC 8PKC-1 O 28~30° 140° nACRo 3.0mm~12.0mm Download
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