FD Flat Drill 2xD 4xD

Product Number:2FD, 4FD - 2xD & 4xD Carbide Flat Drill - Without Coolant Hole , Size Range: 3mm~16mm / 3mm~14mm , Point Angle: 180°
█Features: ①Special geometry design - Provides superior chip evacuation, allows break-chips effectively and enhance the cutting edge. █Application: nACRo - Carbon steel, Alloy steel , ZrN-A - Stainless steel
  • ►2FD ►4FD ►3FDC ►5FDC
    ♦Size Range: Ø3-16mm // Ø3-14mm
    ♦Point Angle: 180º


     Special geometry design 
    -Provides superior chip evacuation
    -Allows break-chips effectively
    -Enhance the cutting edge. 


    1. Special geometry design 
       -Provides superior chip evacuation
       -Allows break-chips effectively
       -Enhance the cutting edge
    2. A. Tip protection for Stronger Corner -Protect the edge and with excellent chipping resistance.
        B. Smooth surface of the helix cutting edge.
        C. Double margin for 4FD /3FDC / 5FDC - Allows high precision straight cutting.
    3. High-Efficiency Drilling in Various Types of MachiningApplicable for a multitude of drilling applications such as inclined surface, curved surface, flatbottom hole, eccentric hole, and more.


    Coating Carbon steel,
    Alloy steel
    Pre-harden steel
    Stainless steel Cast iron Cooper alloy Aluminum alloy Titanium alloy Nickel/
    Inconel alloy
     Excellent      Good
    PVD Coating (nACRo & ZrN-A)

    coating 0428_ZrN-A
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    Generally, it is 5-7 days if the goods are in stock. 
    It is 15-20 days if the goods are not in stock, it is according to quantity.


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  • ►2SN & 4SN- without coolant hole
    Mode Photo Coolant Hole Helix Angle Point Angle Coating Diameter Spec. Cutting Condition
    2FD 2FD-1 X 30° 135° nACRo
    3.0mm~16.0mm Download Download
    4FD 4FD-1 X 30° 135° 3.0mm~14.0mm Download
    3FDC 3FDC-1 O 28~30° 140° 3.0mm~14.0mm Download Download
    5FDC 5FDC-1 O 28~30° 140° 3.0mm~12.0mm Download
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