When Should I Use Flat Drills (Flat Bottom Tools) ?

When Should I Use Flat Drills (Flat Bottom Tools) ?

Flat Drill (or Flat Bottom Tool) is applicable for a multitude of drilling applications such as angled surface, curved surface, flat bottom hole, eccentric hole, and more.
The following graphic expression will help you understand at a glance.
  1. Inclined Exit SurfaceInclined Surface
  2. Curved SurfaceCurved Surface
  3. Cross-HoleCross-Hole
  4. Counter boringCounter boring
  5. Guide HoleGuide Hole
  6. Inclined Exit SurfaceInclined Exit Surface
  7. Thin PlateThin Plate
  8. Correction of Eccentric HoleCorrection of Eccentric Hole
  9. Half HoleHalf Hole
  10. Chained HoleChained Hole
  11. Thin PlateThin Plate
  12. Blind Hole for ThreadingBlind Hole for Threading 

Tips: When using long flute drill bits, it’s better to use a positioning hole or a guide hole in advance.
use a positioning hole

● Position Hole: 1xD to 3xD deep drilled to assure consistent and precise holes with a long drill, and the guide hole should be bigger around 0.1mm than the diameter of the drill.
● Guide Holes: In order to assure precise hole position, and the guide hole should be bigger around 0.1mm than the diameter of the drill.

In order to meet manufacturers’ various processing needs, Speed Tiger Flat Bottom Drills Series provides with the 2D and 4D, a general-purpose type that can be used for a wide range of machining; the 3D and 5D with coolant holes that can be effectively used in stainless steel application too.

The features of Speed Tiger Flat Drills (Flat Bottom Tools) :

1) Special geometry design:

  • Provides superior chip evacuation.
  • Allows break-chips effectively.
  • Enhance the cutting edge.

2) Special flute design:

  • A. Tip protection for Stronger Corner - Protect the edge and with excellent chipping resistance.
  • B. The smooth surface of the helix cutting edge.
  • C. Double margin for 4FD /3FDC / 5FDC - Allows high precision straight cutting.
Special flute design
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