The Leading Carbide End Mill Manufacturer in Taiwan

The Leading Carbide End Mill Manufacturer in Taiwan

Speed Tiger Precision Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998. It is not only the largest cutting tools manufacturer, but also the first one that combined milling cutter coating technology in Taiwan. Speed Tiger earned its leading position in high-performance CNC tools market, due to its core principle of proactive communication with metalworking manufacturers and developing milling tools for their future needs. Our main target is to create a long lasting partnerships based on high quality service and top performance carbide endmill.


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Be the Supplier of Technical Technology and Knowledge on Cutting Field”is our mission.

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    First, we need to know, what is CNC End Mill is for?
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    To put it simply, the coating is like the clothes of an end mill.
    In different occasions, it needs to be worn the right clothes. For example, people need to wear a spacesuit when they are in outer space, and a swimsuit when they swim. Therefore, depending on your processing conditions, it will affect what coating you need to choose.